Discover the Country House and the fine wines of the Azienda Agricola Ribusieri Estate.



Our winery is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, in the green province of Grosseto, known not only for the quality of the wines produced here (Brunello di Montalcino, Morellino di Scansano, S. Antimo and Monteregio di Massa Marittima) , but also for the numerous tourist and food and wine itineraries available to the visitor. Those who visit the company will thus be able to get to know our best labels and, subsequently, venture into the beautiful trails that Monte Amiata offers and decide to climb to the top to admire the spectacular view. It will also be possible to quickly reach the neighboring towns, such as Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano, Chianciano, Pitigliano, Sovana and the hilly outposts of the Maremma such as Cinigiano, Scansano, Massa Marittima. The tourist interested in food and wine itineraries can also participate in the numerous festivals in the area and savor the typical products of this thriving land, such as chestnuts, pecorino, white veal, honey, truffles, mushrooms, saffron. , salty biscuit, salami and wild boar sausage.

  • Solaura

    • Sangiovese Maremma Toscana DOC

The circle in its meaning, represents the Sun, is the masculine power, but, since at the same time it symbolizes the soul and the water, it is also the maternal feminine principle. The shape of the circle brings to the value of infinity and with a central point depicts a complete cycle and perfection: the Sun and Gold among the precious ones. It is also the symbol of totality and its shape expresses fullness and harmony. The Sun is a vital element for the perfect life cycle of the Vineyard that grows in the Mother Earth. Solaura, Sangiovese is Punto in Centro al Cerchio: the Principe vine, center and best expression of tradition and Terroir. The tasting message that leaves its mark represents its infinite value. Respecting what has always been the business philosophy of the Ribusieri Agricultural Company

  • Chiaranotte

    • DOC Montecucco Vermentino

The label speaks of the territory, of history, of people. The Ribusieri logo refers to the horizon line, which accompanies the gaze, in the Night to the Moon, above the Vineyard. The ancient Etruscans referred to the lunar phases for the phases of life and this is still important today in the life of the Vineyard. During the night the temperature drops and the temperature difference is very important for the ripening of the grapes for the aromatic part. Ribusieri is the stream that runs along the estate and at night the notes of the flowing water become musical and create an atmosphere. The Moon illuminates the Vineyard at night embracing Earth and Water, the elements that Nature provides us to grow the strong and healthy Vermentino Chiaranotte, rich in structure, minerality and typical Mediterranean aroma. Reading the label combines the producer’s philosophy of respect for nature and the reference to the historical origins of wine production.

  • Le Maciole

    • Montecucco rosso DOC

The word Maciole identifies in Cinigiano, in Tuscany, the stones and boulders that make up the land. It is the label that speaks of the territory and its ancient origin. The soils have a large mineral component considering the origins of the volcanic era. Monte Amiata is behind: this is the side where Sangiovese Grosso develops the best performances. It is clear that the wines obtained in this area show characteristics of depth, style and longevity. The Ribusieri brand is therefore the seal of this poem: the horizon line with Monte Amiata and the Ribusieri stream that touch each other.

  • Sofialvento

    • Brut Rosè Spumante Metodo Charmat

The wind: Breath of Life. The wind symbolizes the regenerative action and indicates His mysterious, independent, penetrating, vivifying and purifying work. “Breathing, for man, is a necessity and a mystery …. the wine …… is alive, it is mystery, it is Life. The Wind is the element that guarantees health to the Vineyard and is the best communicator: it transmits the joy and life that pervades the souls of those who live and come to this enchanted corner. Lively, persistent, unique in its kind, Rose ’Sofialvento expresses, through the chromatic note and the proper name, the desire to live and grow of the People who believe in Ribusieri and give shape to the Company’s Project day after day.