Denomination: Sparkling wine Brut rosè by Sangiovese grape

Terrain: The vineyard was planted in 2009 on a clay loam soil, facing south-west, 160 meters above sea level.

Cultivation method: this vineyard has about 5,000 vines per hectare and is grown using low pruned-spur cordon-trained vines with the amount of buds ranging from 6 to 8 per plant.

Grape variety: Sangiovese 100%

Yield: 6.000 kg.

Harvest: the Sangiovese harvest generally takes place in late August and is done by carefully hand- selecting the grapes, which are then transported to the winery in crates.

Winemaking: the pressing is accomplished by highly sophisticated equipment which presses the grapes very gently so that only the free-run juice from the heart of the berry is extracted. After vinification, starts the second fermentation in still tanks for 5 months.

Ageing: 2 months in the bottle

Tasting notes: fresh, crispy, lively, full of ripe cherry and berry flavours with a light body that is exceptionally smooth and satiny.